Hungarian apologies
Photo: EHF

An unsportsmanlike incident happened yesterday during the Main Round Group II game between Hungary and the Netherlands. A player from the Hungarian team was sent off with a red card for her conduct.

Today the Hungarian National Team published an official statement on the matter. Read the verbatim version below:

Comments to the unsportsmanlike conduct of Zsuzsanna Tomori:

"As it is known, during the Main Round match of the Women´s EHF EURO 2010 between Hungary and Netherland in Lillehammer on 14 December, Zsuzsanna Tomori received a direct red card for unsportsmanlike conduct. What she did is not worthy of the international and Hungarian handball traditions and of the general atmosphere of fair play. We are all unable to understand the reasons of such an act. We are not trying to explain or justify what happened, only to add one detail: the whole game was tense and the player, Tomori, was part of a continuous and mutual provocation. The Hungarian team, including the leaders of the squad, are sincerely sorry about it and disapprove of such unsportsmanlike conduct. At the same time we know and reiterate that this action was unique - and will not be repeated - in the history of Hungarian handball as well as in the career of Zsuzsanna Tomori,"

András Szántó, Delegation leader and Vice President of the Hungarian Handball Federation.

"Right after the incident I knew that I made a huge mistake. Such a big mistake I have not made in the past and I will not repeat in the future. It means no excuse for me that there were incidents before, during the game, and both parties contributed to a tense match atmosphere. Of course, I should not have reacted this way as it was unacceptable on a sports court. The red card, the defeat of our team, the remorse and the reactions after my fault are - adding together - very serious punishment and a lesson of a lifetime for me,"
Zsuzsanna Tomori, player of the Hungarian national team.