Biljanini Izvori

"Biljanini Izvori" Sports Hall, Ohrid


The hall has a capacity of 3,500 seats for handball and 4,500 for basketball. The hall was inaugurated in August 1998 with the "Macedonian Trophy" handball tournament - won by Russia.

There were other big matches in this hall:

• Macedonian handball trophy (women), August 1998 (with record-breaking attendance of the matches Macedonia - Bulgaria, Macedonia - Yugoslavia and Macedonia - Russia);
• European Youth Championships in basketball, July-August 2000;
• Qualification matches of men's and woman's basketball national team;
• European Junior Championships in handball;
• Balkan Police Championships;
• Balkan Youth Olympic Days 2002;
• Professional boxing matches.


"Biljanini Izvori" Sports Hall


"Biljanini Izvori" sports hall is one of the most versatile arena in FYR Macedonian, used by four handball and basketball teams from Ohrid.


Address: Ul. Turisticka bb
6000, Ohrid, Macedonia

Phone: + 389 46 267 107
Fax: + 389 46 265 817

Max. hall capacity: 3500, 2500 seats.